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our proven process

1. Consultation Call

The first and most important part of our process is getting to know you, your home, your style, and your vision. This begins with a phone call to discuss the scope, timeline, budget, and desired aesthetic for your outdoor space.

2. Rendering & Revisions

This is where your vision becomes a reality. We will take every idea, photo, inspiration, and conversation into account when creating your luxurious outdoor space in 3D. You get two revisions to ensure your design matches your vision.

3. Build & Transform

After revisions are added and the 3D design is finalized, our team will provide you with your custom-made Angkorscape package. This package includes your digital design screenshots, design video, and detailed construction documents.

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the angkorscape design experience

Design Anywhere

Using a combination of virtual meetings and satellite mapping technology. We are able to bring the Angkorscape design experience into your backyard.

Designs You Can Build

Our experts in 3D custom renderings align directly with our experienced Project Managers to ensure your design is ready for the construction process.

Creative Collaboration

We're only satisfied if we've exceeded your expectations in the end. We'll bring our building expertise and fuse it with the inspiration photos you've been collecting.

Commit With Clarity

The most secure way to commit to your newest investment is by seeing it on paper. It gives you and our team a crystal clear view on finished product expectations.

the package


Receive high-quality angles that help you and your selected contractor align beyond the build plans and understand the feel and style you’re after. You are provided both daytime, evening, and night hour screenshots that can clearly paint your vision. 

3D video walkthrough

Our designs go well beyond feature placement and incorporate custom design elements that really make your space uniquely yours. This video walkthrough allows you and your selected contract to view the vision holistically and pause where screenshot details can go missed.

construction documents

A beautiful design is not valuable if it is not buildable. Rest assured, your design will be reviewed by our construction project team, ensuring you have proper plans to share with your contractor of choice. A major benefit when choosing our design team to lead your creation, here at Angkorscape. These documents include a 2D construction plan and material lists.  

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B-Design B-Build

Design Fee

Our design rendering process is a collaborative effort. Your design fee is based on the project scope and property size.

Preparing For Your Design consultation

Your Vision, Vibe and Style

Gather and share inspiration photos when we reach the design stage together. Whether it's web images or a shareable Pinterest board, having a consensus on what you envision your dream space to be really allows the design phase to flow quite smoothly

Prioritize Your Wish List

The most important facet when approaching a design is to identify your wish list of features by priority. This will greatly impact the design direction when given budget parameters

Start The Design Process

Schedule a virtual design consultation. Taking your ideas to a 3D rendering will give you an unparalleled perspective

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This form is the quickest way for us to learn about your outdoor project ideas and basic contact information. After the submission, we will reach you by phone to schedule an initial consultation.

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