Let's Design & Build Your
Dream Outdoor Space


Our Process

From concept to completion

1. Design Scope

This is where you'll fill out our questionnaire and let us know your project details.

2. Rendering & Revisions

We will provide digital 3D renderings and revisions to help you visualize the space before construction.

3. Construction Estimate

Once the plan is revised and completed we will provide you a detailed cost estimate.

4. Build & Transform

Our skilled team will construct and transform your new outdoor living space.


Angkorscape is a custom outdoor living design build firm dedicated to Seattle and its surroundings. Our process begins with a customized 3D design that reflects your style and budget. If you’re seeking a team to transform your wish list into a beautiful outdoor living space that perfectly suits your style and budget, Angkorscape is your solution.


Form + Function

This is where your vision becomes a reality. We will consider every idea, photo, inspiration, and conversation when creating your custom outdoor living space in 3D. Our experienced team will incorporate bespoke design elements to push the design beyond your wildest dreams.


Detail Oriented Construction

After any requested revisions are added, and the 3D design is finalized, our team will begin preparing for engineering and permits. Once all items have been stamped and approved, our team will begin construction on your project.

Why 3D design?

we take the guess work out of your Yard

B-Design B-Build

Serving Western Washington

Custom Outdoor Living Design + Build

Ready to elevate your outdoor living experience? Connect with our team today to learn more about our services and how we can help bring your vision to life.

If you are not in our service area or you choose to use a builder other than our team, we can also provide you with the 3D renderings and printable plans that you can provide to your contractor.


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