Personalizing Paradise: Custom Design Elements for Unique Outdoor Spaces

Hello, aspiring backyard visionary!

Imagine stepping into your backyard and feeling as though you’ve entered a personal sanctuary, one that mirrors your taste, complements your lifestyle, and harmonizes with the natural charm of our beautiful Washington state. That is the essence of custom landscape design, and it’s closer within reach than you might think.


Let’s delve into how we can craft that special outdoor magic, just for you…



Every masterpiece starts with a canvas, and in landscape architecture, your property is our’s. Think of your backyard as a reflection of your personality. Are you drawn to the sleek lines of modern hardscape design or the tranquil flow of a Zen garden? Together, we’ll create a backyard design that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but is uniquely you.



Your outdoor space should do more than just ‘look pretty’—it should live and breathe alongside you. Do you enjoy hosting summer parties? Let’s talk about an outdoor kitchen or a sprawling patio. Fond of quiet evenings with a book? A secluded garden nook could be your perfect chapter. Our landscape design process is focused on how your outdoor space will complement and enhance your daily life.


Living in areas like Snohomish, King, or Pierce County, we are blessed with stunning natural scenery. Our designs pay homage to this beauty. We take into account the existing flora and the natural lay of your land. Instead of working against these elements, we integrate them, crafting a seamless blend between your property and the paradise we create together.


Hardscape design is where art meets function. It’s the stone pathway that guides you through your garden, the elegant fireplace where family gathers on cool nights, and the sturdy, yet stylish retaining walls that define and protect your spaces. It’s not just about laying stones; it’s about laying the foundation for memories.

B-Design B-Build

The Final Sketch

Envision collaborating with a team that brings your dreams to life, that listens and sketches until your vision is reflected in every line of the landscape architecture blueprint. That’s our promise to you, as we work hand-in-hand to transform your backyard into your personal paradise.

So, whether you reside in Snohomish County’s tranquil neighborhoods, the vibrant communities of King County, or the picturesque landscapes of Pierce County, we at Angkorscape are passionate about personalizing your outdoor space.

Ready to start the journey to your personalized paradise? We’re just a call or message away. Fill out our form to get started.

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