Frequently asked questions

How is Angkorscape different from other Landscaping companies?

As a design + build firm, Angkorscape prioritizes having a design that both our teams and clients can agree to. General landscaping companies often can provide you free estimates without the visual components. When customers schedule an on-site with our team, they intend to proceed with a custom design + build partnership with our team. If you're still early in the process, (1) research our content along with the other contractors, (2) check out our Google Reviews (5-star), (3) check out our YouTube channel, (4) determine your budget and (5) gather inspirational photos!

What does it cost to start a design together?

Our design fees are based on the project scope. Check out Our Process page that outlines starting price points. Designs include all revisions giving you the opportunity to make it perfect. It's a fool-proof way to ensure your investment is exactly what you want!

What if my project doesn't need a design?

If you're looking to get a single feature built (e.g. retaining wall) it's likely that project is better suited for a smaller team that doesn't prioritize design. Angkorscape specializes in custom outdoor living spaces and we compensate our teams based on their expertise. Generally, when a customer schedules an on-site with our team, they are intentional about partnering with a creative designer who can build it to completion.

What is the average starting price range for Angkorscape projects?

As a design + build firm focused on outdoor living spaces that are intended to entertain, most projects start north of $60,000. Knowing what your budget cap is ahead of time is critical if you are considering a design with our team. We strive to design the most function and beauty into each rendering.

Where can I find more of your sample design & finished product work?

You can find a collection of virtual tours on our YouTube page. Click the link or simply search "Angkorscape" in YouTube.
If you're an Instagram user, follow @ANGKORSCAPE and tap through our "Transform" highlights reel to view mid/complete projects!

What if I source a design elsewhere?

Whether it's our team or another design firm, what's important is having an accurate design created before ever committing to a project and breaking ground. We emphasize "accurate" as often times designs that are created out-of-state or country tend to serve as inspirational photos. Angkorscape relies on accurage topography measurements before designing. When a proposed design is confirmed, our team uses the accurate measurements within the design to calculate the right amount of material.

Is the design fee paid up front or after we've seen the first design rendering?

Yes, the design fee is generally paid during the on-site design estimate. In order to get an accurate quote, the team must accurately measure the property and determine the final design you'd like. What's most important is understanding what your budget cap is - based on that, our team does their very best to design the most function and aesthetics with your wish list of features in mind. 

It's also worth noting that it's common your wish list may exceed your budget. Having your list prioritized will be extremely helpful. Our team can leave you with a ballpark number for the project scope in mind, but the intention would be to design the space together. 

If you're not ready to commit to a design with our team just yet, we highly recommend getting a couple free estimates under your belt.

Is a design required to partner together?

At Angkorscape, our average project generally starts north of $60k. With that in mind, designs are highly recommended and a part of our complete build process. Why? It allows clients to tweak the details, like various stone patterns, accents, lighting placement, feature location and the other elements. 

You can check out our YouTube channel that can give you a flavor of the customizations involved, well beyond just features you want. Designs are used as a visual checklist when it comes to building an accurate outdoor space. It's a small fee when fool-proofing the buildout

How does your process work and what's the payment commitment?

Our process starts with a (1) design on-site estimate - it's when we determine the design fee to begin a rendering together (2) we revise the rendering over ZOOM until you're both ready to (3) commit to the build out. 

That's when the payment schedule begins, and is as follows: 

  • 10% for the down payment to lock a start date
  • 40% at the project start date
  • 40% when project is halfway complete
  • 10% when we walk the project and you are happy

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